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Air drying systems and refrigerated air dryers from Numatics Australia

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Air drying systems including the Delta series, UDL series, ASME series and UA series are available from Numatics Australia . The ultra air delta series of air drying systems from Numatics Australia provide low pressure drop and premium filtrations.

The Delta series filters from Numatics Australia are suitable for use in a variety of applications such as process, industrial, medical and compressor applications. These filters consist of an inner core that is efficient in preventing the element from collapsing during backflow conditions. Metal retainers that are useful for supporting the medias both outside and inside during high differential pressures are available with these filters.

UA series refrigerated air dryers are also available from Numatics Australia. These refrigerated air dryers utilise refrigerants for lowering the temperatures of the compressed air thus lowering its dew point. These air dryers are useful in providing clean, cool and dry compressed air thus eliminating the damages to the pneumatic equipment. Numatics Australia also offers ASME coded filters pressure vessels.

UDR series of high temperature refrigerated air dryers from Numatics Australia are efficient in providing dry, clean and compressed air commonly used in auto service centers, auto body repair shops and dental offices.

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