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Cooking workshops organised by NowEat

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NowEat  organises cooking workshops for training individuals on different cooking and presentation skills. NowEat is spearheaded by Jacob Waterman who is a qualified chef, waiter and bartender. With over years of experience in the hospitality industry, NowEat offers reliable and effective training services to its clients with cooking needs. NowEat helps its clients in preparing restaurant quality meals through innovative cooking methods. The cooking workshops organised by NowEat help individuals learn tricks of the catering trade. NowEat helps its students in preparing quality and healthy food though effective cooking techniques. NowEat designs customised training modules for training its clients with specific cooking needs.

NowEat offers home tuition services for its clients with cooking skill enhancement needs. NowEat designs special lesson plans for teaching its clients on different cooking techniques. The home cooking classes organised by NowEat help its clients in easily learning and implementing the cooking tricks. NowEat organises birthday parties, Christmas parties and wedding parties for its clients with specific event management needs.

The online newsletter service provided by NowEat helps its clients to share their knowledge on different cooking and presentation skills.

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