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Novecom Private Limited offers Remote Data Acquisition and Reporting Systems

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Novecom , an Australian based company is an Information and Communication Technology company.
Novecom's products include SentineX Remote Data Acquisition and Reporting System. SentineX is a remote environmental monitoring and data acquisition system. SentineX is a communication and reporting platform that helps in constant monitoring of environmental conditions.

SentineX product range includes SentineX Noise - noise monitoring and continuous audio recording, SentineX Dust - dust level monitoring and alarming, SentineX Met - meteorological condition monitoring, and SentineX Odour - monitoring trace molecules in air such as odour and toxic chemicals.

SentineX automatically summarizes data into preformatted reports, logs and graphs. They can also email data packages to users on a daily basis. They can even be used to transmit alarms to cell phones. In addition, SentineX also transmits real-time data to the SentineX Repository. Real-time date help users to access the repository through web and view historical and current data in graphical format, and interrogate and interact with remote units.

SentineX is employed by mines and industrial operations to manage their environmental responsibilities. The SentineX platform are flexible and can also be combined with other data capture device for monitoring purpose such as water quality and flow, pressure, vibration, and security.

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