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Wyckomar seawater RO systems from Novasys Group

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Available from Novasys Group , the Wyckomar SWRO-100 is a new range of RO systems designed to convert seawater into drinking water.

Ideal for use on board yachts and vessels of all types, the Wyckomar SWRO-100 seawater RO systems feature a compact design and rugged construction to provide years of dependable service.

The seawater desalination system can provide up to 100 GPD (400 LPD) of drinking water from any seawater source. The RO system can also be used in combination with the Wyckomar UV-1 disinfection unit to provide an extra measure of protection by killing all potentially harmful bacterial and viral pathogens, which may be present in the water.


  • Maximum output: 100 GPD
  • For feed water containing up to 36,000 mg/L TDS (36,000 ppm)
  • 316L stainless steel pump
  • 24 volt DC motor (1 HP), running at 1800 RPM
  • High rejection seawater membrane
  • Flow meter installed on the permeate line
  • 5 micron sediment pre-filter

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