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Wet abrasion scrub testers by Sheen available from Novasys

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article image Wet abrasion scrub testers by Sheen available from Novasys

Novasys currently supply a range of Sheen wet abrasion scrub testers. These devices effectively and efficiently determine the wear resistance of a range of surface coatings, along with the test performance of cleaning compounds.    

The scrub testers are highly accurate, provide repeatability of results and close comparability of performance.  

A basic machine is available, and users can add on a range of different accessories according to individual needs and purposes, and so it may suit different international specifications.    

At the basic level, the scrub testers come equipped with two brush, sponge or abrasive pad holders that are held in place by cantilever arms, along with a quick release clamping frame that can hold samples that are up to 30 mm thick and ranging in size from 10mm x 135 mm through to 320 mm x 470 mm.  

Thanks to a five digit preset counter, the scrub testers can continue running unattended as they can be programmed not to exceed the maximum stroke number of 99,999.  

Safety is a key feature of these scrub testers, as they feature a protective strip fitting which prevents injury by disallowing accidental intrusion into the machine mechanism.  They are also fitted a fan to prevent overheating.  

The scrub testers can assess the abrasion resistance of a variety of different surfaces, including:  

  • Paints, inks, plastics and varnishes
  • Carpets, floor coverings and upholsteries
  • Kitchen worktops, washing machines and refrigerators
  • Glazed and unglazed ceramics
  • Metal, plastic and wooden furniture
  • Natural and artificial leathers
  • Surfaces that are both anodised and plated
  • Wallpapers and coverings  
 The scrub testers are capable of evaluating gloss retention or deterioration, soil removal capabilities of cleaning materials, surface protection and roof felt.

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