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Versaperm permeability meters from Novasys Group

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article image Versaperm WVTR Apparatus
The new Versaperm WVTR Apparatus, available from Novasys Group is a new range of permeability meters delivering high performance in accordance with ISO15496.

The Versaperm WVTR Apparatus ISO15496 is specifically designed to measure WVTR on porous materials such as fabrics. The instrument can also be used on other materials, provided the WVTR range is sufficiently high to be within its practical range.

The Versaperm WVTR Apparatus consists of a solid water bath to reduce thermal loss, a framework for holding the samples with stainless steel sample holders, brackets and adjustment knobs.

An accurate temperature controller and circulator with four probes at the corners monitor the temperature across the bath. A cooling coil is provided for water cooling if the laboratory is warmer than the requirements of the test.

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