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Vale Tech Small Batch Paste Ink Mixers available from Novasys Group

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Novasys Group  presents a new line of offset ink mixers from Vale Tech designed for small batch mixing of offset inks.  

Model PM110 offset ink mixers are designed as intelligent bench top ink mixers for quick and easy ink mixing applications.  

Vale Tech small batch paste ink mixers are capable of mixing all types of UV and conventional paste finished inks and concentrates. The ink mixers can blend quantities from 1lb up to 20lb in industry-standard ink containers.  

The offset ink mixers combine simple design with programmable control to ensure fast and reliable mixing of even the most challenging blends and viscosities.  

Key features of the offset ink mixers: 

  • Simple disc mixing blade driven from a powerful 3-phase variable speed drive ensures quick blending of high viscosity inks
  • All moving parts are safely protected in an industry-standard housing
  • Programmable speed controller ensures optimum speed and mix cycle can be preset
  • Combines the simplicity of a rotating disc mixer blade with a quick release coupling ensuring fast operation and quick clean-up between jobs
  • Sure grip pot locater with quick release ensures all industry-standard ink containers are securely held when mixing


  • High torque 3-phase motor drive
  • Quick release mixer coupling
  • Fully enclosed drive and mixing centre with front access door safety switch
  • Powered auto lift and manual over-ride
  • 1kg/ 3kg/ 5kg plastic tubs and VacPac containers
  • Auto drive speed controller
  • Siemens Programmable Controller
  • Dimensions: 500mm W x 850mm H x 600mm D

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