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Vale-Tech P2P Ink Pumping Systems available from Novasys Group

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article image VALE TECH P2P Pump to Press System

Novasys Group  introduces the Vale-Tech P2P Pump to Press ink pumping systems designed to automate and centralise ink supply by delivering conventional sheet fed process inks from 200kg barrels direct to press.  

The Vale-Tech P2P system is a line of fully integrated 4-pump CMYK ink pumping stations designed with a compact footprint to deliver inks quickly and cleanly direct to the press fountains from bulk containers.  

Ink delivery takes place via 4 or 5 Vale-Tech air driven piston pumps with lift mounted follower plate pumping CMYK inks from 200kg drums via a hard piped distribution network to ink spreader bars mounted on each print unit.  

An Operator Controller unit (OC) in the Vale-Tech P2P ink pumping systems is networked to a Feed Controller mounted on each print unit. An ink feed valve and fountain-mounted ink spreader bar incorporating a precision ultrasonic sensor are connected to the Feed Controller.  

The P2P-OC is conveniently located to allow ease of access to the press minder. The Controller allows operator setting of Hi-Lo limits levels for each print unit, controlling levels and generating alarms should deviation from the pre-set values occur.  

Key features of the Vale-Tech P2P ink pumping systems: 

  • Interconnection network facilitated using computer network cabling technology with simple CAT5 cabling between the operator controller and print unit mounted I/O controller and sensors
  • Print unit Feed Controller (FC) mounted on or close to each of the spreader bars
  • OC unit connects the main feed valves and level sensors into the network, allowing selection of automatic feed to its print unit or manual operation for priming at the start of a job
  • P2P ultrasonic level sensors measure the quantity of ink in each unit from pre-set values, ensuring a regular supply of fresh ink to the duct
  • Spreader bar combines separately controllable nozzles to ensure an even spread of ink across the ink fountain 
  • Simple non-intrusive installation
  • Remotely located bulk ink delivery pumps are connected to hard steel piping carrying ink in a single run to each press teeing off via an isolation valve serving each fountain
  • Simple, clean and efficient system eliminates the use of cartridges or the need for press minders to monitor and fill the fountains

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