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UV water disinfection and purification systems from Novasys Group

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Wyckomar UV Purification Systems provides UV water disinfection and purification systems, which are available from Novasys Group .

Schools, hotels, clubs, motels, and other commercial premises which were supplied with unsafe, undrinkable, untreated or partially treated water, can now have an economic, affordable alternative to carting safe water from afar.

Water that is unsafe to drink and often unsuitable even for washing, causes loss of patronage and profits and has OH&S implications for employees. For schools, safe drinking water is mandated by the State.

Even water from rainwater tanks, if available, can be less than satisfactory and must be treated to assure safety.

Wyckomar provides standard point of entry, commercial scale fresh water purification systems that will deliver from 45 litres/minute to 570 litres/minute and more. Systems are panel or skid mounted for easy installation and maintenance.

Where salty or brackish bore or estuary water is the only source of water available, Wyckomar provides small RO desalination systems. Systems range from a small system for a few hundred dollars to larger systems with 75,000 litres/day capacity.

Custom built systems to suit individual commercial, industrial or residential requirements can be constructed and delivered promptly from standardised components. Solar energy can be used for both fresh and salty water purification where no mains power is available, or where a green alternative is desired.

Filters to remove heavy metals, ozone for alternative disinfection, water softeners and other options can be incorporated into most systems.

Wyckomar also supplies residential systems from 4 litres/minute point of use systems to panel mounted 30+ litres/minute point of entry systems.

Children, the elderly and those with kidney or liver health issues are more susceptible to water-borne sickness than those who are fit and healthy.

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