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Spectrex PC-2200 laser particle counters available from Novasys Group

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article image Spectrex PC-2200 laser particle counter

Available from Novasys Group , the Spectrex PC-2200 laser particle counters find application in diverse industries from water treatment plants to oceanographic studies.

Designed to count particles in suspension as well as tabulate their size, Spectrex PC-2200 laser particle counters come with three sealed calibration standards, with each standard containing a precise number of NIST traceable polystyrene spheres of known size in suspension and sealed with inert Argon gas. These standards have a proven stability of more than 2 years and provide efficient calibration within 10 minutes.

Utilising the principle of ‘near angle light scatter’, a revolving laser beam passes through the walls of a glass container or a flow-thru cell. When the laser beam is directed through a central ‘sensitive zone’, the PC-2200 not only counts the particles in suspension, but tabulates their size as well. The analogue signals generated by the light pulses are routed to a computer and digitised.

The SuperCount software supplied with the unit is a custom interfacing electronics and proprietary software developed by Spectrex to provide an easy means of analysing and saving data generated by the PC-2200.

Key features of Spectrex PC-2200 laser particle counters:

  • Easy do-it-yourself calibration
  • SuperCount software
  • Compact and portable (6 lbs)
  • Quickly counts and sizes
  • No cross-contamination of flow lines
  • Eliminates sample flushing
  • Built-in magnetic stirrer
  • Water treatment plants
  • Hydraulic fluids and oil QC
  • Silts and sediment sizing
  • University laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Oil refineries and on-site drilling
  • Bottling and beverage operations
  • Oceanographic studies
  • Liquid chromatography solvent QC
  • Cooling power and wastewater filter efficiency
  • Particle agglomeration studies
  • Particle settling characteristics
  • Corrosive chemical and solvent sizing
  • Vial and ampule inspection
  • De-ionised water and acid testing
  • Cell counting

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