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SorbiSense passive samplers for chemical water analysis from Novasys

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article image SorbiSense passive samplers test chemical levels in water.

Novasys Group  are supplying Sorbisense passive samplers for use in monitoring nutrients and xenobiotics in aquatic environments. They can be used as an alternative or supplementary to traditional grab sampling.

Additionally, the passive samplers can be used to take measurements of the concentrations in biota or sediments.

Applications include performing risk analysis, early-warning monitoring systems, for evaluating emissions from in-situ remediation operations and for environmental fate studies and accounting.

The passive samplers are especially advantageous if concentrations in the water phase are too low or the concentration varies with time and presents difficulties in collecting representative grab samples.

Sample collection occurs in situ and over an extended time scale.

The method also provides for simultaneous pre-concentration of the contaminants in the sampler and operates without requirement of energy or maintenance.

Sorbisense equipment’s unique benefits include easy installation and,

  • No repetitive site visits
  • Weighted average in-situ sampling over long time periods
  • No pre-pumping or liquid sample handling
  • No need for infrastructure - no power, pumping or vacuum
  • Full compatibility with routine lab methods (GC, HPLC)
  • Robust calculation of solute concentrations

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