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SolarBee reservoir circulator released

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Water storage levels and river flows in much of southern Australia are at record lows. Our No. 1 priority is conserving the water we have, next is maintaining the quality of the water remaining in our storages at high level.

One of the biggest threats to water quality is the occurrence of blue-green algal blooms. In all fresh water lakes and reservoirs, as well as in sections of rivers where the flow has virtually stopped, the combination of high nutrient loads, high water temperatures and tranquil, (stagnant) water, which makes proliferation of blue-green algal blooms a virtual certainty.

The result? Water that is unsafe to drink both for humans and animals, unsafe for recreation and unusable for irrigation. Once a bloom has formed, killing it off releases more of the toxins that make it unsafe. Moreover, the blooms deplete the oxygen and cut off the light other aquatic species need to live and breed.

Many methods have been tried to prevent blooms occurring. Not one has proven to be effective in other than the short term and all involve long term costs.

The SolarBee reservoir circulator has been proven to be effective in preventing the formation of blue-green algal blooms, even in water with high nutrient loadings, by continuously disturbing their preferred habitat and this is done by using clean solar energy. The SolarBee moves a lot of water over large areas in almost any depth of water SolarBee’s minimal maintenance and long life of 25+ years makes the annual life-cycle cost low, and its costs nothing to run, 24/7.

What are the water authorities doing to deal with the threat to water quality from blue-green algal blooms? Chemical treatment and conventional aeration provide temporary, costly relief and who pays? You. Will the blooms occur again? Yes.

Spreading the word about the SolarBee without a multimillion dollar advertising campaign is difficult.

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