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Sheen automatic film applicators available from Novasys Group

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Available from Novasys Group , Sheen automatic film applicators are designed to prepare uniform films of controlled thickness for use in testing of surface coatings.

Uniform films are necessary to obtain reproducible results from physical, appearance and chemical performance testing of surface coatings. This can be difficult to achieve with hand application methods, which often result in variations between operators.

Sheen’s automatic instruments have been designed to produce consistent results when used with a wide range of different applicators including block spreaders, wire wound bars, bird type applicators, sag index applicators, and sagging and levelling testers among others to provide the benefits of reproducibility and control of application.

A unique drive system in Sheen automatic film applicators has been designed to run smoothly with all types of coating material at all film thicknesses to eliminate the ‘banding’ that can occur with thin film coatings such as inks and transparent coatings such as woodstains or automotive clearcoats.

Model 1133N is additionally equipped with a vacuum plate to securely hold substrates, especially thin substrate materials during the application process.

Model 1137 can be used with all Sheen film applicators and 18cm film width wire wound bar applicators.

Key features of Sheen automatic film applicators:

  • Drawdown speeds of 50-500mm/sec in 10mm/sec increments establish the most suitable application conditions for each formulation
  • Four programmable memories allow drawdown speed to be preset to ensure reproducibility for frequently applied formulations
  • Keypad for setting the drawdown speed and forward/reverse keys to commence or reset the drawdown bar
  • Large, easy-to-read LED display shows actual drawdown speed clearly
  • Countdown timer activated at the start of each drawdown for speeds greater than 200mm/sec and an emergency stop button ensure safe operation
  • Test panels held securely in place during application by a simple spring clip
  • Wire bar holder fitted as standard equipment
  • Solvent resistant touch key panel is easily cleaned
  • Safety clutch fitted to the drive mechanism
  • Overrun switches remove power to the motor in the unlikely event of control failure
  • Conforms to ASTM D 823

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