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Roll hardness tester for paper, foils and films

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article image The PAROtester 2 roll hardness tester.

PROCEQ S.A., represented in Australia by The Novasys Group , has introduced the PAROtester 2, an instrument that objectively and rapidly evaluates the hardness, hardness profile and variation in hardness of rolled-up paper, foils and films.

The hardness of paper rolls is an important quality factor in the working process of printing shops. Rolls that are too hard, or too soft, or rolls that are unevenly wound, or with different moisture content can cause difficulties during the printing process.

Unevenly wound rolls lead to loss of material and time during printing or converting. The portable PAROtester allows the roll hardness and hardness profile of rolls to be measured immediately and everywhere.

Different web products and different applications for these products will dictate the roll hardness desired. Once the desired roll hardness profile is determined, it needs to be measured and then reproduced on a consistent basis.

The measurement tools need to be hand held and available on the winder so that an operator can check the roll hardness being obtained and accordingly make adjustments to ensure the roll hardness is within the acceptable range for that product.

The PAROtester is similar in operation to the Schmidt Hammer, a device that was designed for concrete testing and has been adapted for use as a roll hardness tester.

The PAROtester has been specifically developed for evaluation of hardness of rolled-up paper, foil and films.

The Schmidt Hammer has a number of limitations that require frequent readjustment and calibration if errors and bias are to be eliminated. The PAROtester on the other hand is simple and safe to use, provides highly precise and reproducible results, with high wear resistance and reduced maintenance, amongst many other features.

The high resolution of the PAROtester opens new applications in the roll making industries as even small differences in roll hardness can be detected.

Problematic rolls of any type can be detected in good time prior to use and can be excluded.

Packing, tapes, labels and bags can also be tested with the PAROtester.

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