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Rhopoint IQ Glossmeters available from Novasys Group

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The new Rhopoint IQ available from Novasys Group quantifies surface quality problems invisible to standard glossmeters.  

Glossmeters are widely used throughout industry to assess the reflective quality of products but gloss information is limited to the quantity of light reflected with no data on the imaging forming qualities of a surface.  

Phenomena such as orange peel, haze effects and polishing marks distort reflections on a surface but cannot be measured with traditional glossmeters. This means two surfaces with very different reflective properties often have exactly the same gloss value.  

Rhopoint IQ technology is helping paints and coatings manufacturers and applicators, wood coatings, automotive industry, plastics and additives manufacturers, inks and printing specialists, metal polishers, coil coaters, yacht manufacturers and powder coaters among others to assess surface quality.  

The features of the Rhopoint IQ can be switched on and off independently to suit specific needs. The instrument can be configured as a fully functional 20/60/85º Gloss-Haze-DOI-Goniophotometer with memory or as a simple single, dual or triple angle non-statistical glossmeter.  

Key features of Rhopoint IQ glossmeters: 

  • Measures all aspects of reflective appearance quality
  • Measures gloss, haze and distinctness of image for complete reflective appearance analysis in a single reading
  • Allows users to quantify and control surface textures that reduce the perceived quality of manufactured products
  • All-aluminium construction provides strength and rigidity
  • Improved accuracy and reliability over previous generations of gloss instruments
  • Full colour, high definition screen and 5-way touch sensitive buttons enhance ease of operation
  • Supplied with an ISO 17025 laboratory calibrated standard with detailed traceability to BAM and stated uncertainty
  • High level of traceability required for automotive, defence, pharmaceutical and similar applications
  • Displays statistics for all measured parameters
  • Displays full colour trend graphs on the instrument screen giving a detailed understanding of sample quality
  • Results can be imported directly to a PC/MAC without downloading or installing any special software
  • Free 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

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