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Reduce greenhouse gases in reservoirs

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REDUCE greenhouse gases and nutrient loads in reservoirs with no chemicals by using SolarBee.

Available from The Novasys Group , SolarBee is a floating, solar-powered reservoir circulator that saves energy and cuts costs.

SolarBee has the unique capability to:

* Eliminate cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) blooms

* Enhance water clarity and secondary production

* Oxygenate lake bottom waters and sediments to prevent release of hydrogen sulphide gas, iron, manganese and phosphorous

* Prevent seasonal fish kills

* Reduce nuisance aquatic weed growth

* Replace 20-35Kw of aeration with better results

* Pump up to 38,000L/min with near-laminar flow.

SolarBee performs all of the above without any toxic chemicals, or fossil fuel consumption.

Additionally, SolarBee is economically sized for virtually any capacity lake or reservoir, is easily installed, requires minimal maintenance and operates day and night using solar energy only.

SolarBee is being used in fresh water lakes and reservoirs, facultative lagoons, enclosed potable water storages and for aquaculture.

For further information on SolarBee, The Novasys Group has available new CDs with videos, PowerPoint Presentations and the latest literature in PDF format. Hard copy literature is also available.

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