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The PALM probe UV radiometers available from Novasys Group are process control instruments designed for measuring UV energy in inaccessible environments.

The Production Ambient Light Measurement or PALM device features a wide dynamic range for reading UV levels emitted by low- and high-powered UV sources, and provides a safe, reliable measurement solution for UV-web and other applications.

PALM probe UV radiometers are designed to withstand the extreme temperature variations inside UV curing chambers, protecting the operator and instrument from damage or electrical shock.


An input aperture at the tip of the PALM probe light guide detects all wavelengths of ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation. The light is directed down the light guide to the base of the instrument where a UV filter passes the UV light of interest to the photo-detector, which then converts the light energy to a current that is proportional to its intensity. The signal is then conditioned, digitised, processed and displayed on the device’s display.

Constructed of steel alloy, the light guide is coated with a non-conductive ceramic coating to insulate and protect the user from accidental shock. It is further isolated from the instrument body by a non-conductive Delrin block. The base contains the instrument’s optics, electronics, battery and display functions, and can be held with an 'over' or 'under' hand type of grip. Raised membrane switches permit easy control.

Key features of PALM probe UV radiometers:

  • Measures UV over a wide dynamic change with auto scaling and adjustment
  • Can measure light from approximately 100 microWatts/cm² up to 10 Watts/cm² within the UVA (320-390nm) bandwidth
  • Display allows the user to alternate between Watts-Joules-Seconds during data collection and after a reading has been made
  • SELECT button allows the user to toggle between the values
  • Non-conductive light guide electrically isolated from the radiometer’s base
  • Self-contained, easy to use with two raised membrane switches
  • Measures UV ranges of UVA, UVB, or UVV
  • Battery powered with two user replaceable AA batteries with low battery warning

  • Measure UV energy output of inaccessible UV environments such as web, flexo and other applications with space constraints
  • Establish, document and maintain UV process windows
  • Meet ISO, quality and customer requirements for SPC/SQC
  • Coordinate readings from on-line sensors installed to continuously monitor a cure station
  • Hazard application: Monitor stray UV in the workplace

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