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On the spot wine and grape testing

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THE Novasys Group asks grapegrowers and winemakers to answer the following questions in regards to wine and grape testing:

* Can you get test results, any time, on the spot, in the winery and in the vineyard?

* Are the tests free of any sample preparation?

* Are the tests easy to perform, requiring no laboratory training?

* Are the tests free of expensive, complicated laboratory equipment?

* Are the tests complete and results available in from 30 seconds to 5 minutes?

* Are easy-to-use instructions included with every kit?

* Is the underlying chemistry explained with each kit?

* Are easily understood aids to interpretation of results included with each kit?

* Are samplers included with every test kit to easily ensure correct sample amounts are used?

* Do the tests raise your winemaking skills to new levels by providing instant answers to MLF? pH and SO2? Residual sugar? Titratable acidity?

* Are the tests supported by expert wine chemists?

If the answers to all of the above questions are yes, then Novasys recommends Accuvin Quick Tests be used.

Tests are available in kits of 10 and 20 (Lactic Acid includes only 5).

Also available is the Full Pocket Lab containing 5 of each of all tests except Lactic Acid (3 tests) and Free SO2 (sold separately).

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