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OFRU’s new ASC-100 solvent recovery system available from Novasys Group

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Companies using flammable solvents know the problems that arise when the solvents are heavily polluted by paint, varnish, oil or fat during production. Contaminated solvents must be stored and disposed in accordance to the strict regulations and replacement solvent has to be purchased regularly. Disposal of contaminated solvent and cost of replacement is a significant cost for every company. It is not uncommon for these costs to be more than $20,000 per year.

OFRU Recycling GmbH, available from Novasys Group , now offers a chance for smaller companies to reduce these costs significantly with OFRU’s new ASC-100 solvent recovery system. In-house” solvent recycling can reduce solvent disposal and replacement costs by up to 95%.

The “professional series” ASC-100 continuous solvent recovery system is the latest addition to the ASC series, which has been used worldwide for over 20 years. The ASC series machines are manufactured to operate unattended 24/7.

The ASC-100 consists of a distillation tank containing 100 litres of waste solvent, filled automatically by a vacuum pump. The tank is heated by an integrated thermal oil heating system. The solvent vapour is taken from the distillation tank, condensed and deposited in a clean solvent tank. As the solvent level in the distillation tank drops, the tank is automatically refilled to the 100 litre level.

The conical-based distillation tank ensures that the waste residues such as pigment, resin, varnish, glues, etc. collect at the bottom of the cone and, after the distillation is completed, can be easily and quickly extracted via an outlet valve. These dry or semi-dry residues can then be disposed of at low cost. Effective cleaning of the interior tank walls is achieved by a patented, self adjusting scraper system.

Depending on the type of solvent and the degree of contamination, the distillation capacity of the ASC-100 is 20-80 litres per hour. The recovered solvent has a high degree of purity and it can be reused immediately.

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