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OFRU OF-160 Certified Washing Machine available from Novasys Group

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Novasys Group presents OFRU’s newly released OF-160 Washing Machines with ATEX-certified parts and manufactured from ASI 304 stainless steel.

The top lid and bottom of the OF-160 washing machines are equipped with lines of spray nozzles that can be manually adjusted. The new nozzle system moves to and fro under the parts, in the cleaning chamber, providing a cleaning process where all the parts to be cleaned are sprayed on all sides by the solvent.

The cleaning solvents are stored in a stainless steel container and circulated by a diaphragm pump into the washing machine and its spray nozzle system. The waste solvent drops are stored in the lowest part of the washing machine in a second storage container.

The OF-160 washing machines also feature a washing basket that does not have to be moved to help simplify the mechanical requirements in the machine.

The ORFU OF-160 washing machines, from Novasys Group, can also be utilised with ORFU’s large range of automatic solvent recycling systems.

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