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Novasys Group presents the 750 Series cross hatch cutters

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Novasys Group  introduces the 750 Series of cross hatch cutters from Sheen Instruments.

Used widely in various forms to assess the adhesion of paint coatings, the ‘Cross Hatch’ test has been recognised for its technical merit by International Standards authorities as a method of test for this property of attached coatings, which also depends on other factors such as the flexibility of coating or the presence of interference layers between coating and substrate. The test method specifies suitable cutting tools with either single or multiple cutting edges.

The cross hatch cutter featuring 1, 1.5, 2 or 3mm space between the cutting edges offers advantages over the single cutting blade for both safety and simplicity in use.

Key features of 750 Series cross hatch cutters:
  • Consists of a hardened steel cylinder ground to high precision to form 6 or 11 cutting edges between outer guide edges
  • Lightweight, comfortable handle fitted to provide a firm hold
  • Can be assembled in eight ways with the use of a retaining thumb screw, allowing the operator to use most of the cutting edges
  • Conforms with BS EN ISO 2409: 1995/ BS 3900 E6/ ASTM D3359
Method of use

The tool should be held with the forefinger along the handle, and fingertip over and above the cutting edge. The cutter is then carefully and firmly drawn under pressure over the section of coating to be tested to form by two cross cuts, a square or diamond shaped lattice. The sample area is given a stiff brushing or alternatively, adhesive tape is applied. The pattern inscribed is then examined to define the classification of test results.

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