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Novasys Group launched a new website for Hunterlab

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Novasys Group  have opened a brand new website that is highly visual, yet provides a wealth of information about HunterLab, a colour instrument supplier. The aim behind the website is to demonstrate that HunterLab is much more than just a colour instrument supplier, and to show how they apply their knowledge to solve colour measurement needs.

The website will help clients in determining an appropriate HunterLab system for their application and help deliver better solution more quickly. Embedded flash elements are used extensively. For example, on the homepage, the “Select Your Industry” section automatically scrolls through nine major industries by highlighting the industry name and displaying a picture for each industry as it scrolls. Clicking on one of these pictures will take users to a homepage for that industry.

The site also has virtual trade shows, one for each of eight major industries. Select a show for an industry and all the appropriate instruments for that industry rotate as a carousel on the screen. Clicking on an instrument gives a description as related to that industry.

The new website has many ways to help one find the best HunterLab option to meet individual colour measurement needs. The new “Find the Instrument for You” function asks from one to seven questions about the type of measurements to be made and rapidly identifies the appropriate HunterLab instrument for the specific application.

HunterLab’s marketing staffs have loaded the site with 10 professionally made videos. There are nine industry specific demonstrations plus one on basic colour theory that stream into view instantly.

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