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Novasys 1000th solar-powered unit installed in California

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The City of Glendale, California has no reservations about the SolarBee, having installed 5 in April and 38 units in December 2006. The 1000th unit has been installed in a portable water storage tank. As with other tanks of this nature, the SolarBee was installed without the need to take the tank out of service.

The 1000 installed units are broken down (approximately) as follows:

400 units installed in 200 freshwater lakes and reservoirs about half of which are raw water storage reservoirs, for non-chemical control of blue-green algal blooms, reduction in taste and odour and release of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide from bottom sediments.

200 units installed in portable water tanks of various sizes for high efficiency circulation in chlorinated and chloraminated tanks that experience stratification and other mixing issues.

400 units installed in 150 wastewater treatment plants for energy savings by displacing expensive aeration runtime.

SolarBee offers the community a sustainable, green method of improving water quality while requiring no grid power, no infrastructure changes, low installation costs, low maintenance and a lifetime of 25+ years.

The Novasys solar-powered units have a longer life, no emissions, miniscule maintenance, no environmental impacts and a service to the whole community, not just a driver and a few passengers.

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