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New digital resistance meter available from Novasys Group

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article image Milli-Ohmeter digital resistance meter

Rhopoint’s Milli-Ohmeter is a battery-operated digital resistance meter designed to accurately measure resistances0 from 0.001 ohm to 200 ohms.

The Milli-Ohmeter uses a four-terminal measurement network to eliminate errors caused by test lead resistance.

The instrument is small and light weight with only an on button to operate, enabling easy one-handed operation.

With auto-ranging, auto-decimal point and auto-power down after three minutes, long battery life from a single PP3 or MN 1604 battery is achieved.

The Rhopoint Milli-Ohmeter is widely used for testing relays, switch and connector contacts, printed circuit boards track resistance, transformer and motor windings, ring circuits, earth conductor continuity, wire-wrapped and solder joints, RFI shielding and coil resistance.

The new Milli-Ohmeter is available from Novasys Group .

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