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New INTEGRA 2 manual blending station.

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article image New INTEGRA 2 manual blending station

The robust design of the manual blending station, available from Novasys Group , coupled with highly versatile yet simple software has proved very successful worldwide with hundreds in operation. Building upon the strong foundations of its predecessor the Integra 2 has been developed to be even more robust an even easier to use.

The Integra 2 manual blending machine now ships with a solid state embedded PC, this means no moving parts ensuring even better longevity, reduction in weight and smaller footprint. 'Hot Keys' have been introduced to optimise usability and operator effectiveness, all in all an impressive package for the small to mid size print shop. 

INTEGRA 2 is a complete Ink Management and Colour Control work station linked to the Vale-Tech Ink Manager Windows based software. This compact, integrated computerised balance incorporates all of the benefits of a high specification PC and a high accuracy scale in one package. Its small footprint occupies the minimum of bench space. Built to operate in hostile conditions, the weigh pan is manufactured in a high quality stainless steel with the case protected by a hard wearing, polyester powder coat incorporating a solvent safe, polyester based membrane keyboard. 

INTEGRA 2 manual blending machine combines accurate weigh down with a comprehensive Formula database and full Stock Control features. INTEGRA 2 ensures colours are mixed quickly, accurately and consistently every time, saving time, ink and improving quality.

Features of the Integra 2 manula blending machine:

  • Minimal maintenance, scale self calibration
  • Manage base colours and recipes
  • Create and edit recipes
  • Overweigh recalculation
  • Re-work blends
  • Return and scan unused blends to stock
  • Print low stock warnings
  • Report job usage
  • Allocate materials to press, stock or work in progress
  • Usage and stock reports
  • Material Estimation by job
  • Prepare designs and jobs for batch mixing.


  • Developed in-house to provide fast and knowledgeable support. Developed in-house to provide rapid response to customised solutions.
  • All the benefits without the capital outlay of a fully automatic dispenser.
  • Based on industry standard platforms of Microsoft Windows XP and Office ensure a highly flexible, easy to use, intuitive and familiar interface.

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