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Keep lakes, ponds, lagoons and tanks healthy with effective mixing

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LOW dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in bodies of water, whether they are lakes, reservoirs, ponds, activated sludge tanks or facultative lagoons, spell trouble. So do high surface water temperatures.

Algal blooms, bad odours, bulking sludge, sludge accumulation and growth of anaerobic bacteria are results of amongst other things, inadequate mixing of the water.

A common method used to increase DO and provide mixing is to install aerators - but aerators, while suitable for small areas and low volumes of water, are expensive to install and run. Furthermore, the volumes and areas of water that are mixed are relatively small.

The "SolarBee" is a solar-powered circulator that mixes up to 40Ha of area to depths from 1m to 30m. It is available from The Novasys Group Pty Ltd .

The SolarBee is ideal for wastewater, as it reduces energy consumption, improves secondary treatment by BOD, TSS and algae reduction and tertiary treatment, by reducing ammonia and phosphorous.

The device controls odour consistently, improves sludge digestion, eliminate or reduces the need for dredging, reduces short-circuiting and improves DO and pH levels.

In freshwater, blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) are controlled with the SolarBee, plus aesthetics are improved and fish kills eliminated.

Inorganic chemical releases from sediments are also controlled by the SolarBee – it reduces manganese, iron, hydrogen sulphide, phosphorous recycling and turnover problems. DO and pH levels are improved. Stratification can be reduced or eliminated with the SolarBee, if desired.

Evaporation can be significantly reduced by mixing cold bottom water with warm surface layers.

The SolarBee is easy to install, with a two-year warranty, brushless, low maintenance motor, 25 year lifetime and it runs for 24 hours per day on no-cost, solar energy.

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