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HunterLab ColorFlex EZ Spectrophotometers Available from Novasys Group

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The HunterLab ColorFlex EZ range of spectrophotometers is available from Novasys Group .  

The ColorFlex EZ is backed by nearly 60 years of colour quality innovation and experience from HunterLab, the world’s trusted colour quality experts.  

Offering more performance, flexibility, connectivity and simplicity, ColorFlex EZ spectrophotometers take colour quality control to high levels with 45/0 optical geometry for superior colour measurement precision.  

The compactly-designed ColorFlex EZ spectrophotometers have a small footprint and can be easily transported between the lab and the factory.  

More Performance

Greater performance is ensured with sampling versatility for measurement of opaque solids, liquids, powders, granules and pellets as well as translucent solids and liquids.  

ColorFlex EZ spectrophotometers facilitate easy data transfer to move setups and standards between instruments and upload/download via USB flash drives.  

ColorFlex EZ also offers expanded sample storage for 250 setups, standards and tolerance and up to 2000 sample measurements.  

More Flexibility

ColorFlex EZ spectrophotometers feature built-in software that offers 250 setup configurations with product standards and tolerances for a wide variety of parameters: 

  • Colour Scales, Indices, Illuminant and Observer
  • Standard values for product ID or targets for colour comparisons
  • Pass/Fail tolerances to measure against product specifications
  • Averaging to provide accurate measurements of uneven or inconsistent samples
  • Display formats to report measurement data in multiple ways

More Connectivity

ColorFlex EZ spectrophotometers offer more options to connect to a variety of devices including USB flash drives for data transfer, keyboards for manual entry of IDs, barcode scanners, printers and computers with EasyMatch QC software.

More Simplicity

ColorFlex EZ spectrophotometers are designed for user-friendly operation.

Features for easy operation include: 

  • Ergonomic push buttons allow faster results
  • Large 98mm high-resolution colour display
  • 3 x USB 2.0 communications ports
  • Small footprint to reduce benchtop space requirement
  • Transportability for use in the lab or in the factory
  • A variety of sample handling options

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