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Food colour measurement system

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article image The ColorFlex food colour measurement system.

HUNTERLAB'S ColorFlex colour measurement system, distributed by The Novasys Group is completely self-contained and includes built-in software.

With its many features and options, it can be used for basic colour measurement or more sophisticated applications in the food industry.

For more involved data analysis, ColorFlex is compatible with HunterLab's Windows-based software. Dual-beam xenon flash technology plus 45/0 optical geometry assures accurate measurements. For product or customer-specific applications, ColorFlex offers 99 setup configurations for customising display outputs, tolerances and indices.

With port-up measurement orientation, ColorFlex can measure the colour of many different types of food samples, including powders, pastes, granules, and opaque or translucent liquids. It can be used for quality control of incoming raw materials, verification of finished product colour, or for monitoring colour throughout the production process.

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