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Novasys Group  introduces a major innovation in drinking water purification systems with the DelAgua water purifiers.

Designed for use in any location where water for drinking is known to be unsafe or has not been previously treated, DelAgua water purifiers deliver a water treatment capacity of 3 litres per hour without electricity or plumbing requirements.

A cheaper alternative to bottled or boiled water with minimal environmental impact, DelAgua water purifiers can treat 1500 litres of water before disinfection cartridge replacement, providing a 6-month supply of drinking water on an average for a family of four members. The water purifier also eliminates bacteria and viruses up to 99.99%.

DelAgua water purifiers are designed for simple, user-friendly operation. The upper reservoir is first filled with untreated water. The ceramic prefilter treats the water prior to the HaloPure cartridge. Bacteria and viruses are neutralised by the HaloPure and purified, disinfected water is stored in the clean water reservoir, remaining HaloPure treated to help prevent microorganism regrowth.

DelAgua portable water test kits are also available to check for impurities and contamination in water. Designed to enable routine monitoring in remote areas at low cost, the kits cover essential bacteriological, chemical and physical test parameters that permit assessment of hygienic status and efficiency of monitoring of water treatment and purification processes.  

DelAgua kits are used extensively by UNICEF, Oxfam, Red Cross and various NGOs as well as mining and exploration companies and water authorities worldwide.

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