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Novasys Group  presents conductivity meters from Sheen Instruments designed to determine the electrical conductivity of liquids caused by the presence of ionic charges in the liquid.

The BYK LC 2 conductivity meter was developed in cooperation with the VDA (Association of German Automotive Industry) following VDA standards.

Consisting of a stainless steel probe that can be used with solvents, the conductivity meters are easy to clean. The solvent resistant housing is a must for use in the paint laboratory.

Sheen’s BYK LC 2 conductivity meters conform to ASTM-D5682 Test Method B.

When measuring conductivity, the liquid builds up a specific ohmic resistance to the electric current depending on the applied voltage. The reciprocal value is the conductivity. The measured resistance depends on the geometric arrangement within the measuring cell. In order to be independent of the measuring cell, the measuring resistance has to be divided by the cell constant ‘C’, which yields the specific resistance that describes the application and performance properties of electrocoating paints.

The resistance of liquid paints is measured in the annular passage of the dip probe. The electrodes of the measuring cell are made of stainless steel with the surface polished and easy to clean.

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