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Colour measurement equipment available from Novasys

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Novasys  is now working with Hunterlabs, a company in the colour measurement business.

The Hunter Lab colour measurement scale is used by many industries.

HunterLab supplies affordable colour measurement and control systems from simple hand-held devices to on-line systems for continuous product monitoring and control.

HunterLab's products are designed for all industries concerned with colour and appearance quality issues.

HunterLab products are available from Novasys in Australia for measurement of colour only - essential where formulation of dyestuff recipes, or (say) paint formulas are concerned - and for total appearance - where the instrument sees appearance as a human does.

Colour measurement products and services available include:

  • MiniScan XE Plus - Hand-held Spectrophotometer
  • ColorFlex - Entry-Level Colour Measurement
  • LabScan XE - More Versatility, More Performance
  • ColorQuest XE - High Performance Colour Control
  • ColorQuest XE - High Performance Colour Control
  • ColorQuest XT - Measure Transparent Materials
  • ColorQuest 45/0 Large Aperture View
  • ColorQuest OL - On-line Transmission Measurement
  • UltraScan PRO - Professional Colour Measurement
  • D25 Tristimulus Colorimeters - Consistent, Quantifiable Measurement
  • ColorTrend HT On-line Trend Monitoring System
  • SpectraProbe XE On-line Colour Measurement System
  • EasyMatch QC Software and Universal Quality Control Software
  • EasyMatch Coatings Colour Formulation Software

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