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article image Simplifies colour measurement.

HUNTERLAB’s LabScan XE spectrophotometer, available from the Novasys Group , is used to measure the reflected colour of a wide range of samples. It features 0º/45º optical geometry that sees colour the way the eye does.

LabScan XE measures samples in virtually any form from solids and powders to liquids. It can be used in sample port up, port forward, and, with the optional sample stand, port down orientation. It is also engineered to be maintenance free. There are no fans with air filters to change and the xenon lamp will never need to be replaced.

The LabScan XE system uses automation extensively with functions that include automatic standardisation to an internal reference to maintain maximum measurement stability, and UV control for D65 conformance and for the measurement of optical brighteners. Automated variable sample illumination allows measurement of large and small sample areas.

LabScan XE is used with HunterLab's Universal Software. Universal Software is used to collect, display, analyze and store colour data.

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