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A012-005 mini conveyor UV curing units from Novasys Group

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The CON-TROL-CURE mini-conveyor UV curing unit available from Novasys Group meets all the requirements of researchers and engineers for intense ultraviolet energy for use in diverse applications.

The A012-005 mini conveyor UV curing unit finds application in the curing of photopolymer paints, photo-activation of UV sensitive adhesives and graphic arts exposure.

The irradiation system incorporates an elliptical focused heat sink reflector. The arc length is six inches, powered at 300 watts per linear inch, and is centrally located with an exhaust cooling fan. Changing the lamp is easily accomplished by lifting the top cover of the irradiator with the side extrusions, with the shielding remaining stationary.

The conveyor system is constructed of enamelled aluminium with a 6-inch wide coated fibreglass conveyor belt. A solid state variable speed control enables the operator to accurately adjust to cure slower reacting materials or fast drying inks and coatings.

Key features of A012-005 mini conveyor UV curing units:

  • Optical shielding
  • Conveyor speed: 0-100 FPM solid state variable speed control with FPM indicator
  • Conveyor belt: 6" wide coated fibreglass conveyor belt
  • UV lamp: 6" (300 watt per inch) UV curing lamp
  • Plexiglas light shields
  • Cooling: Centrally located exhaust cooling fan
  • Tri-power lamp switching 300, 200, 125 (WPI)
  • Key-locked high voltage conductor cable from irradiator to power supply
  • Elapsed time indicator
  • Vacuum hold down

  • Power: 120 volt, 60 Hertz, 15-20 Amps (depending on wattage)
  • Power cord: 8 feet, 14/3 grounded
  • Dimensions: 54" L x 31" W x 22" H
  • Weight: 125 lbs.
  • Curing chamber clearance: 2½"

  • 0 - 30 FPM variable-speed motor
  • 0 - 200 FPM variable-speed motor
  • 240V, 60Hz: 220V, 50Hz
  • 400 watt per inch
  • Non-focused and flood systems
  • Parallel lamp configuration

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