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Processing pumps and bench tops from Novaline

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Novaline  has over 20 years of experience in supplying a wide variety of cleaning agents and equipment. Novaline is known for handling the design, building, installation and management of cleaning systems.

Novaline also provides critical cleaning requirements to the aircraft and aviation manufacturers. Novaline caters to the needs of various sectors including automotive, aerospace, defence forces, medical, laboratory, telecommunications, manufacturing and plastics to name a few.

Novaline specialises in providing a variety of services including consultation, complete process support, operator training, testing and design and manufacture. The product line of Novaline includes equipment such as selective soldering machines, precision cleaning systems and solvents including cleaning agents and specialty fluids.

Novaline also offers the no damage processing pumps suitable for industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. These no damage processing pumps consist of an easy pump lift hoist and are suitable for hopper loading. These pumps from Novaline eliminate the need for electrics.

Precision bench tops suitable for all vapour degreasing solvents are available with stainless steel tanks and piping from Novaline. These bench tops also consist of safety thermostats. Bench top ultrasonic cleaners for medical, industrial and commercial applications are also available from Novaline.

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