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Blu-Ray disc delivers everything you’ve been waiting for in a DVD burner and more.

The best high definition picture you’ve ever seen, plus the best uncompressed sound you’ve ever heard. Rich, interactive features, compelling online content and powerful recording capabilities. In fact, with Blu-Ray disc, high definition is just the beginning.

Capacity without compromise

Everything that DVD can do, Blu-Ray disc does and more. Blue laser technology enables up to 25 GB of storage, five times the capacity of DVD. That’s room for four hours of HD, or 11 hours of SD and thousands of songs. Unbelievable data storage.

From movies to music to games to PC software and backup, Blu-Ray disc is your solution.

The system embraces pre-recorded titles, BD ROM, discs that you can record yourself, and discs you can record over and over again, BD-RE. So we can anticipate not only BD players for your living room, but also BD recorders, BD-based game consoles and BD drives for personal computer, says Norts and Ones .

· Writes up to 8X on DVD-R/+R, 2.4X on DVD+R DL, 2X on DVD-R DL & 4X DVD-RW/+RW

· Writes up to 2X on BD-R & BD-RE media

· Write formats include Disc-At-Once and Incremental Recording (multi-border) on DVDs,

· Random Recording (BD-RE) & Sequential Recording (BD-R)

· Reads DVD-ROM, DVD-VIDEO (single & dual layer), DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R (single & double layer), DVD+RW

· Reads BD-ROM (Single Layer, Dual Layer), BD-RE (Single Layer), BD-R (Single Layer)

· Installs vertically or horizontally

· Interfaces as an ATAPI device (ATA-5 & SFF-8090)

· IDE data transfer of PIO Mode 4, Multi Word DMA Mode 2, Ultra DMA Mode 2, and buffer memory size, BD:8Mbyte, DVD: 2Mbyte

· Physical dimensions: 148mm (W) x 42.3mm (D) x 198mm (H) including the front bezel

· Ultra DMA Mode 4 (Ultra DMA 66)

· Available in beige or black

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