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Ultraviolet water treatment systems from Northern Water Solutions

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An effective solution for bacteria and virus contamination is ultraviolet disinfection of the water supply.

Bacteriological contamination can be present in all water supplies, especially in rural areas or areas which are not treated by municipal authorities. It is recommended that no surface waters be consumed without adequate microbiological treatment.

Ultraviolet water sterilizers protect the water the same way that nature does – by using the cleansing power of ultraviolet light. Unlike traditional disinfection methods, like chlorination, UV treatment is a physical process that adds nothing to the water. So there is no change to the taste or colour of the water. It is simply safer.

How it works

Water enters the ultraviolet reactor chamber and swirls around a low pressure mercury vapour lamp thermally protected by a quartz sleeve. The UV lamp emits powerful ultraviolet light energy which is absorbed by the micro-organisms. The UV disrupts their DNA destroying their reproductive capability. The sterilised, treated water then exits the UV system and is ready for consumption.

Minimal maintenance and operational costs

UV systems are economical to operate. A typical household UV system operates on the same power requirements as a 40-watt light bulb. There are no mechanical parts that wear out or require maintenance. The UV lamp has a useful life of approximately 9000 hours and will usually only need replacing annually.

UV systems are available from Northern Water Solutions .

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