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Grey water treatment systems and oil disposal units from Northern Water Solutions

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Northern Water Solutions  provides high quality water conservation and water treatment systems that can be used for domestic and industrial purposes. Special filtration systems and treatment units are also supplied by Northern Water Solutions. These units are reliable and comply with Australian regulatory standards. They are used extensively in private homes, hotels, recreational facilities, caravan parks, mining camps and commercial and industrial centres.

The Aquarius range of domestic greywater units from Northern Water Solutions includes easy to install, damage resistant and cost effective solutions. Greywater from spas, showers and washing machines are collected in poly propylene tanks outside the house and processed by float activated pumps to subsurface dripper systems which feeds the roots of plants. These water treatment units are also provided with a main electrical control box with audible and visual alarms to prevent backflow of sewerage into the tank.

To enable effective capture and proper disposal of waste oil in machinery, Northern Water Solutions provides the WODU 400 waste oil disposal units. With an oil receiver, transfer pump and storage tank, these oil disposal units allow for easy disposal of used oil without spillage. The system also has various options for the storage tank like a self bunded storage tank, removable intermediate bulk container and suction line fitted bunded storage tank.

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