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Drinking water test kit from Northern Water Solutions

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It used to be complicated and expensive to test the water. Now the 9in1 Test Kit from Northern Water Solutions is a quick, convenient, and affordable way to check the water used for drinking, cooking, brushing the teeth, and everything else in the home.

One kit tests for bacteria, lead, pesticides, iron nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, pH, and hardness - water quality issues that are important for everyone to know.

Many types of potentially lethal bacteria, including E.coli, can be found in drinking water. Lead is a highly toxic substance that can leach into water from pipes and fixtures or from natural sources.

Millions of kilograms of pesticides and nitrates are released into the environment each year. If these pollutants are in the water, it may be a health hazard.

And if there are children in the household, the risks become even more serious. No one can see, smell or taste most contaminants, but if they are in the water, the potential dangers to the health are great.

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