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Normist Grab Kits available from Alice Bolt Supplies

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Grab Kits are Normist’s own brand of fastener assortment kits. They are refillable, compartmentalised boxes and jars of assorted fasteners to suit most industries.

Grab Kits are convenient; easy to carry with and allow grabbing the most commonly used fasteners as the user need them.

Normist Grab Kits, available from Alice Bolt Supplies , can also be custom built to the company requirements.

Assortment of fasteners in the range includes the following:

Bolts and nuts
18 different Bolt and Nut Grab Kits are currently in the standard range, including socket caps in Metric or UNC, pan head metal thread, high tensile, mild steel zinc plated, stainless steel, roofing assortments and nyloc nuts.

Cotter Pin (Split Pin)
GK009 Cotter Pin Small – This Small Cotter Pin kit contains Split pins from 1.6 x 25 up to 6.3 x 50, with a total of 701 pins.

GK010 Cotter Pin Large – The large Cotter Pin kit has 15 sizes all in labelled sealed bags. There are 86 pieces ranging in size from 4 x 80 up to 13 x 150.

GK005 stainless steel rivet – This kit contains 4 sizes of all stainless steel rivets and 8 sizes of rivet with a steel mandrel and body of stainless.

GK015 Aluminium / Steel rivet – These large flange rivets range in size from 1/8" 3/16" and there are 210 rivets in the kit.

GK022 Aluminium Rivet Steel Stem – The rivets in this Kit are aluminium with a steel stem and there are two sizes of large flange rivets also, with a total of 755 rivets.

There are currently 11 standard Screw Grab Kits available including chipboard, Self tapping - pan and CSK, Self drilling in pan, Wafer, Bugle and Counter sunk heads and Hexagonal head self drilling.

11 different Washer Grab Kits are currently available including Flat, Spring, Hardened, Engineers, Stainless Steel and Mudguard. Imperial or Metric.

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