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Lifting gear, transport, load restraints products from NQ Fasteners & Lifting

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The Lifting Division of NQ Fasteners & Lifting , a branch of Normist, can be of assistance to those asking for guidance on a project in lifting, rigging and transport trades.

NQ Fasteners & Lifting offers a range of lifting gear, transport, load restraints and commercial products, as well as testing services, including:

Alloy Grade 80 and Grade 100 Tested lifting chain and components

  • Chain, head rings, Weisslocks (connecting links), SWL tags, Granit super hooks, Clevis shortening grab hooks and clutches, Clevis and Eye self locking safety hooks (Fixed and swivel) with latches, drum and weld-on excavator hooks, weld-on hooks to 5.3 Ton, screw-on and rotating transport links

Chains - Commercial and tested

  • Proof Coil, Grade L, Grade P, Fishing Line, Grade 70 (Transport), Grade 80 (Lifting) and Grade 100 chain

Chain and rigging fittings

  • Eyebolts and Eyenuts (Shouldered), Mooring Swivels, Split Links, Snap Hooks and Hitch Pins

Grade 70 (High Tensile)

  • Transport Grade 70 load and drag chain, load binders and grab hooks, claw hooks, Lug and slip hook fittings, clip-on and slide-on truck winches, winch rails and replacement webbing straps

Lifting items (Tested)

  • Horizontal, vertical and universal plate clamps, drum lifting clamps, chain blocks, lever hoists, girder trolleys and wheels, wire rope hoists and turfers, manual and electric winches, hand and power operated sheave blocks and air hoists

Rigging screws and turnbuckles

  • Commercial and tested rigging screws and turnbuckles (Eye hook and stub), fence straining, Grade L turnbuckles

Shackles - Commercial and Tested

  • Commercial range of Galvanised D's, Bow and Trawl D’s, Tested range of Green Pin D and Bow, AS 2741 Grade L, Grade M, Grade S, Screw Pin or Bolt Type

Slings, load restraints and 4WD equipment

  • Flat webbing and round slings, Ratchet Buckles, towing straps, winching straps, Off-road Blocks, clip-on and slide-on truck winches, winch rails, replacement webbing straps

Stainless steel range

  • Chain, D and bow shackles, thimbles, wire rope grips, eye bolts and eye nuts, U-bolts, rigging screws, swage forks, turnbuckles, swivels and snap hooks, wire rope, wire eye straps and copper ferrules, full tension systems manufactured using our in-house swaggers and test bed

Stud link chain, anchors and fittings. Specialists in the source and supply of all types of anchors, stud link chain, Kenter shackles, anchor and chain joining shackles, mooring systems and offshore equipment, swivel forerunner assemblies.

Wire rope accessories

  • Commercial wire rope grips and thimbles, open wedge and metalling Sockets, Lanoguard lubricant, hand cutters, swaging tools (Mobile and In-house)

Wire Rope - Steel. Specialists in the supply of galvanised and black wire rope, fishing wire rope, crane wire rope, irrigator wire and in-house manufacture of tested wire rope slings on our 50 tonne test bed.

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