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Alice Bolt Supplies is a prominent supplier of grab kits, lifting gear, fasteners

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Alice Bolt Supplies  is a long-established supplier in the northern territory of Darwin and Alice Spring in Australia. Alice Bolt Supplies provides large contractors with a wide range of products including bolts and nuts for mining, construction, defence and engineering projects, along with services such as new mine site construction and maintenance, construction of bridges and wharfs, naval overhauling and maintenance.

One of the main product of Alice Bolt Supplies is Grab kits. This includes various kinds of bolt and nut products like the zinc-plated GK010 cotter pin (Split Pin); the large, GK016 metric pan head metal thread; the GK007 socket cap screw metric; the GK008 socket cap screw UNC; and the GK018 Nylon nuts.

The bolt and nut other products from Alice Bolt Supplies include cadmium-plated GK021 High Tensile Grade 8 UNC / UNF; GK025 metric high tensile bolts and nuts; zinc-plated GK023 mild steel 4.6 metric bolts and nuts; GK026 Nylonnut; GK028 MTS bolts nuts and washers; GK035 metric fine bolts and nuts; GK067 Roofing bolt and nut assortment; GK030 imperial high tensile UNF; and the GK064 pan head XR metal thread.

Different type of screws like GK085 pan head self tapping screws, GK080 and zinc-plated steel GK065 pan head self tapping screws, tapping screws, GK062 pan and CSK self drilling screws such as the GK048 hexagon head, GK041 chipboard screw etc. are also available.

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