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Flight Systems model 277 user-friendly engine idle limiter

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The Model 277 Engine Idle Limiter, available from Norman G Clark is designed to help save fuel and protect the environment by limiting the time that an engine is permitted to remain idling when the vehicle is parked.


  • Compatible with ECM and non-ECM controlled engines
  • Optional 3 minute shutdown 
  • Comes factory pre-set with 5 minute delay; 10 minute delay is user adjustable
  • Reduces RPM count by millions per year, extends engine life, stops fuel waste
  • Gas or diesel engines, 12v or 24v, manual or automatic transmission
  • Fast installation - 4 wires to connect
  • Accessory shutdown to save battery
  • 2 year warranty 
  • Inhibits shutdown during catalyst regeneration cycle
Optional Equipment:

Idle Limiter Service Tool
Fourteen LED indicators enable quick verification of vehicle wiring on new Idle Limiter installations and speed troubleshooting of existing installations. The Service Tool will indicate when the ignition is on, the voltage input is energised, power is applied to engine "run" and accessory circuits, and when the ECM STOP signal is energised. Also featured on the unit is the ability to directly control the engine "run" and accessory circuits.

Temperature Sensor
With this option the Engine Idle Limiter stops engine from idling for more than the pre-selected time only when outside air temperatures are between 5° C and 30° C (factory adjustable on special order). When the ambient temperature is within the shutdown range the module will shut down the engine along with any accessories connected to the module.

CAT SEPD0967 Kit
For compliance with Caterpillar SEPD0967 which requires an indicator light and an exemption for operator-on-board.  The accessory kit includes a red indicator light for time-out warning, and an operator-on-board inhibit switch along with installation instructions.

3 Minute Shutdown Version
Available in either 12 or 24 volts, this version of the Engine Idle Limiter will shut engines down after 3 minutes of idling time.  

Fleet Idle Limiter
This special fleet version is the same as the Model 277 in appearance, operation, and
connection but does not have the accessory control and comes with a basic 4-wire harness.
Also available in a 3 minute version.

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