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Deublin series 1114 rotating unions available from Norman G Clark

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The recent technological invention of Deublin, which is named AutoSense, combines features of the ‘Pop-off’ models with those of ‘controlled leakage’.

AutoSense rotating unions are suitable for a range of machine tools or processing centres. AutoSense rotating unions seal close as soon as pressure is applied by a coolant. These rotating unions pop off, when the pressure of the coolant drops and thereby allow unlimited dry run without wearing off the seal faces.

As in the case of controlled leakage, they further form a microscopic gap between the seal faces in order to lead compressed air. AutoSense rotating unions can therefore lead coolants, MQL and compressed air by sensing the type of medium and automatically adjusting the correct position of the seal.

The series 1114 rotating unions, available from Norman G Clark , are available either in rotor or bore supported design, which in addition to the AutoSense technology for automatic change of the position of the seal faces depending on the medium feature further characteristics increasing the life time. These include an optimised flow, which prevents depositing of chips and dirt, a protection of the bearings by labyrinth or leakage bore holes as well as resistant seal pairs which are mechanically balanced and made of silicon carbide for longevity under demanding conditions. Depending on the series and design, these rotating unions may reach speeds up to 60,000 rpm, flows of up to 82 l/minimum and maximum pressure of 140 bars with regard to water-based cooling lubricant, 10 bars with regard to MQL and/or air.

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