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Acoustic Machinery Monitor system

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article image Measures and analyses machinery sounds.

INTONIX Corporation’s Acoustic Machinery Monitor system measures and analyses the sound produced by machinery or processes in order to detect developing problems and prevent catastrophic failures.

Available from Norman G Clark , the device comprises a Microphone Unit and a Monitor Control Unit.

Microphone Unit/Bracket

The microphone receives the low-energy audio pressure waves and converts them to equivalent electrical voltage (pressure) waves.

The microphone assembly incorporates circuitry to amplify the electrical signal for transmission to the Monitor (AMM). The gain of the amplifier is adjustable.

The stainless steel bracket provides mounting flexibility. The bracket incorporates four neoprene isolators to prevent structural vibrations from distorting the audio signal.

The microphone can be mounted in any orientation - on a wall, ceiling or floor. With the U-bolts, the microphone can be mounted to pipes or stanchions with diameter between 0.75” and 1.5”.

Nema 4X Enclosure Wall or Stanchion Mounting

The mounting location should be selected for best reception of the audio to be monitored, while avoiding excessive vibration, dirt or large volumes of liquids.

Avoid the plane of rotation of greasy or oily parts. Also, avoid the potential for accidental impact damage.

Before mounting, change the orientation of the microphone box to suit the application.

A 5/32 Allen wrench is required to remove and replace the (internal) screws holding the box to the isolation plate.

The mounting distance from the sound source depends on the sound amplitude and the presence of unwanted background noise.

The ability to set the microphone gain adds to the flexibility available for selecting the mounting location.

The mounting bracket slots accommodate 0.25” diameter screws.


The microphone will give full operational performance over the temperature range from -40°C to +70°C.

The microphone enclosure is rated for IP66/Nema 4X. Direct spray on the microphone windscreen should be avoided.

Monitor Control Unit

The Monitor Control Unit measures and analyses the electric signal from the microphone in 96 frequency bands with centre frequencies from 33Hz to 8kHz.

In Learn Mode it memorises the characteristic signature sound of normal operation.

In Operate Mode it compares the active sound signal to the learned signature in each of the 96 bands.

Alarm relays are activated whenever the continuously monitored sound power in any band deviates from the stored signature characteristic, outside adjustable high or low limits.

Adjustable filter response time provides rejection of extraneous intermittent false noise.

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