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Smooth Cylinder Lines Improve Product Flow

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article image Norgren Smoothline cylinders, with concealed reed switches, installed on the cheese cutting machine at the Bega Cheese plant.

NORGREN's recently launched PRA/182000 Smoothline cylinder series has been utilised by Bega Co-operative Society to improve production at its NSW plant.

The PRA/182000 Series cylinders, launched globally by Norgren, feature completely concealed proximity switches for position sensing, with the switch wiring being connected internally to a central electrical M12, 4-pin stainless steel connector.

The Smoothline cylinders have smooth, rounded surfaces with end cover cap screws, cushion cavities being concealed using stainless flush hex bots with PTFE sealing rings.

The cylinders carry Australian HACCP endorsement for their suitability in food industry applications.

Bega Co-operative Society used the new Smoothline cylinders from Norgren to replace conventional ISO standard cylinders previously installed on Bega's cheese cutting machines.

The standard cylinders were fitted with external proximity switches that had been used on different operations of the cheese cutting machinery but the numerous wash down chemicals, with hot and cold water, had an adverse effect on the electrical proximity switches on the cylinders.

In this environment, the conventional cylinders with external switches were causing downtime.

Last year, Mike Jones, Group Engineering Manager for Bega installed several Smoothline cylinders, on trial from Norgren, in the worst area for chemicals and hot water wash down.

As the PRA/182000 Series conforms to ISO VDMA dimensional standards, no mounting modifications were needed for the changeover to Smoothline style.

Mike Jones also considered other brands of smooth line cylinders but found the Norgren cylinders were the only units that offered adjustable proximity switch adjustment, with wiring from both switches exiting through just one M12 electrical connector.

Since trialing the Norgren Smoothline cylinders in 2004, Bega has not experienced any reliability problems or failures, even in some of the harshest areas of the plant.

In these areas, the Smoothline cylinders and proximity switches are exposed to salt from the cheese, whey, and fat residue, followed by a hot water wash down, chemical agents, and then a cold water wash.

With its Smoothline cylinders Norgren now offers an efficient pneumatic actuator approach to the foodstuff industry, and to all industries in which these product characteristics are in demand. The Smoothline cylinders have been endorsed by HACCP as being suitable for use in food industry applications.

For further information, please contact Paul Campbell (Senior Sales Engineer) at Norgren on 02 9582 8000.

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