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Smart Pump vacuum generator

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article image Norgren’s Smart Vacuum Pump with programmable level control.

IN many applications, electrically driven vacuum pumps require vacuum switches to stop and start the motor so they operate within the required vacuum range.

They often use vacuum regulators to maintain specific vacuum levels and, sometimes, external solenoid valves for "blow off control" in high-speed packaging applications.

All these components are integrally housed in Norgren's Smart Pump range.

The Smart Pump vacuum generators can be programmed to maintain a specific level of vacuum. If the demand dimishes, the Smart pump switches off its air supply to the multi-venturi injectors, thereby reducing air consumption.

The pump was designed for the US automotive market for robotic vacuum applications requiring high vacuum evacuation cycle times, yet being efficient on air consumption, and is capable of evacuating 28 litres air volume down to -50 kPa in 3.3 seconds. As it is driven by compressed air through venturi injectors, it can be cycled frequently without damage.

The Smart pump range requires only 5.0 bar to 6.0 bar to achieve -80kPa level of vacuum, and features models with "blow off control" for high speed applications with vacuum cups that need additional help in releasing sheet metal products, packaging, or material handling applications.

The setting of "set" and "reset" vacuum switching points is programmed by up and down keypad buttons with a visual LED display.

As the pump incorporates solenoid valve, vacuum switch, optional blow off control and digital display of vacuum level, the installation and costs of pipe work and electrical wiring are significantly reduced.

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