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Norgren introduces a range of rack and pinion actuators

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Obtaining rotary movement from rotary actuators is generally achieved by either rotary vane or rack and pinion drive. Both have their own advantages; however, rotary vane units are generally more common in 90º (quarter turn). A range of rack and pinion actuators has been introduced recently by Norgren , that cover 90º, 180º, 270º and 360º rotations.

Rotary actuators are often used in applications to rotate jigs (in welding or assembly applications), inverting moulds or orientate cartons in packaging and material handling. In these types of applications, a high degree of rotational speed is often required to reduce machine cycle times.

The M/162000 series actuator utilises the proven integral cushioning system used in conventional Norgren ISO Standard cylinders. This adjustable cushioning enables the load to be rotated at high speed then decelerated to a gentle stop and the end of rotation. Optional models incorporate adjustable stops that can adjust the degree of rotation by ± 5º to provide a precise end stop position, while retaining actuator cushioning.

The actuators incorporate profile barrels that are compatible with flush mounted position sensors that do not protrude past the barrel profile. The rotary actuators are available in 32mm – 125mm diameter sizes that generate 1.2 to 51.0 Newton metres of torque.

The M/162000 series rotary actuators utilise many standard components from ISO 6431 VDMA Standard cylinders. This offers customers the benefit of being able to use Standard VDMA mountings on the actuator end covers.

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