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High flow rate from 10mm valves

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article image The VM10 valve range.

IMI Norgren’s VM10 10mm solenoid valve range, designed to meet the needs of machine builders in the printing, packaging, electronics and food industry sectors, has a flow rating of 430 litres a minute.

The engineered polymer bodied valves are exceptionally compact. For example, an eight-station, five-port solenoid valve island has a footprint size of only 150mm x 69mm.

This enables machine builders to reduce the allocation of space required for the pneumatic control valves on their machines.

The PPA-engineered polymer has higher tensile strength than zinc at 80 - 120ºC and equal tensile strength to aluminium at room temperatures.

PPA polymer is 45 percent lighter than aluminium while the PPA polymer valve body is resistant to many oils, acids and other liquids.

The solenoid valves and electrical coils have an IP65 dust and water protection rating, which means the valves do not necessarily need to be housed in a control cabinet.

Some of the features of the new VM10 valves from Norgren include Fieldbus 2 wire modules such as AS-i or DeviceNet. Up to 16 valves can be accommodated in one compact valve island and the 16 valves can be double solenoid operated.

The valve islands can be configured with 3, 4 or 6mm integral push in fittings. An optional "pneumapole" quick disconnect base enables the complete valve island to be removed without disruption to any pipe work.

Electrical wiring can be easily disconnected via 25/44 pin D sub-connector plugs or 12mm plugs.

A common problem in valve islands that control large or high speed cylinders is the occurrence of back pressure in the common exhaust gallery building up creating a "ghost" signal on other valve ports.

This problem can be solved with the VM10's optional checked exhaust versions (non-return valves integrally built into the valve island).

The VM10 valves use the same internal spool and seal arrangement as the well-established XF Series valves. The range includes the latest twin 3 port solenoid valves in one valve slice.

This effectively means 32 three port valves in either "normally open" or "normally closed" function can be configured in one valve island.

An online configurator or free CD ROM valve island configurator makes selection of valve function, number of slices, options and accessories very easy.

The configurator provides one single part number for the complete valve island.

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