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NEW ProBlue adhesive melters from Nordson Corporation use intuitive graphic controls to eliminate complicated programming and status-at-a glance indicators for system and temperature monitoring.

The ProBlue operator interface uses a pictographic faceplate with universally recognizable graphics to accommodate any language or skill level, according to a spokesman.

“Graphics include the melter, adhesive tank, hose and gun. Service indicators include low-level adhesive and filter replacement graphics and signals. A seven-day clock allows automatic daily start up. All programming keys that are not required for daily operation are covered with a door to minimise accidental reprogramming,” he said.

A disposable basket filter eliminated filter flushing. Color-coded Saturn-style filters identified the correct filter mesh size to assure replacement with the correct size.

“Easy access to internal melter components simplifies routine maintenance. And all normal daily operation and maintenance can be accomplished from the front side of the melter,” he said.

ProBlue melters are available in four, seven and 10-litre tank sizes and featured reliable piston-pump technology, 20 per cent smaller size and a 50 per cent smaller service envelope to fit virtually any packaging line

Non-handed design allowed hoses and guns to be run right or left. A large tank opening with three-sided access and expandable hose and gun capability minimised operator error, adhesive waste and changeover time. ProBlue melters were also compatible with most previous-generation Nordson hoses and guns. Nordson Australia (1800 257 111).

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