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article image The Pro-Test -- cost-effective torque wrench testing and calibration.

NORBAR Australia's TWL1500 is a high quality torque wrench loader that provides an accurate and cost-effective means of calibrating and testing torque wrenches.

It is suitable for calibrating the majority of torque wrenches with values between 1Nm and 1500Nm and with torque wrench lengths from 145mm to 1500mm.

The design allows either clockwise or anticlockwise operation and is sturdily constructed from high quality materials. Used correctly it will provide years of trouble free service.

The TWL1500 has been designed to be compatible with a number of variations of Norbar transducers including Flange Mounted, Pro-Test, and Smart Torque Block (STB) transducers.

The Pro-Test is a robust and highly accurate torque tester with three models covering a calibration range from 2Nm to 1500Nm. Norbar recommends the 1500ER transducer for use with the TWL1500, covering a more broad range between 30Nm-1500Nm.

The unit is available as a system where the transducer and display are individual units. Another transducer can be connected to the display and through a switch can be used separately from the TWL1500.

The Torque Tool Tester (TTT) is suggested as the display for the TWL 1500 when used with either the Flange Mounted or Smart Torque Block range of transducers.

It is designed to be simple as well as accurate. A pictorial front panel allows easy selection of the required method of use. It features two transducer ports, allowing a second torque range to be selected with the touch of a button.

Once a transducer has been connected, the unit will automatically recognise calibration details such as serial number, capacity, and mV/V output.

Multiple limits are also available. This enables up to eight different target values to be set and accessed via the up and down arrows on the keypad. High, low, and pass readings are indicated on an LED display.

Flange mounted transducers incorporate mounting points for securely fixing the transducer to the working surface. The transducer lead is also included and is fitted with a high quality Lemo connector.

The device has ±0.5% accuracy. The transducer has a 1/4" male hexagon drive and is supplied with a square drive adaptor.

The STB1000 is the choice in Smart Torque Block. It has a range of 20Nm to 1000Nm and comes supplied with a UKAS calibration certificate. The TTT instrument will automatically recognise the calibration details.

The STB 1000 is accurate to ±0.5%, incorporates a transducer lead, and is terminated by a Lemo connector.

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